• 1.Lay rolling shutter housing, curtain, guide rails, and hardware out on a drop cloth near the opening to be covered. Remove the front cover of the housing.
  • 2.Drill 1/4″ holes through the rear of the housing 15″-18″ apart. (Holes are often drilled above or below the axle or through the roof the the housing counting on field conditions)
  • 3.Connect the guide rails to the housing by sliding them over the legs that protrude from the top caps of the housing unit.
  • 4.Place the shutter up against the wall. Adjust the right height and equal distance on all sides of the shutter by securing the highest guide rail hole to the opening using 2 1/4″ tapcons provided to you.
  • 5.Make sure the housing and guide rails are square on the wall. Many beginners mark a vertical line with a pencil along the side guide rail. you’ll also make a mark at the highest of the top cap. Mark the situation of the opposite pre-drilled guide rail holes. Remove the support and punctiliously lower the shutter to a flat surface. (If the shutter goes to be operated from the within a hole will got to be marked for the universal to travel through the wall)
  • 6.Drill appropriate holes where marked. When done secure guide rails and housing unit following the pre-drilled holes.
  • 7.Drill and fasten rock bottom angle (if applicable)
  • 8.Remove the curtain from the bubble wrap and fasten the slat hangers 18″ apart to the highest blade of the curtain.
  • 9.Slowly slide the curtain over the axle letting it gently slump the guiderails until it involves rest on rock bottom angle. (Bottom angles aren’t provided if the shutter goes to return to rest on a window sill or a patio deck)
  • 10.Attach the slat hangers to the axle using the 1/2″ self drilling screws provided.
  • 11.Insert the universal through the gear.(manual shutters only)
  • 12.Use the starting handle to see the operation of the shutter before replacing the housing cover.
  • 13.Caulk guiderails and gently wipe down your shutter. Install deco caps in each guide rail.

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