Accordion Shutter Installation Overview

  1. Lay the numbered components and hardware out near each corresponding opening. Please note that your tracks and angles come numbered and pre-drilled from our factory
  2. Dry fit top track above the opening, level it and mark your wall following the pre-drilled hole we’ve provided.
  3. Attach top track with 2 ¼” tapcons. Make sure the track is level. Leave the tapcons at the end of each track out until you install the side angles.
  4. Center the wheels from the accordion shutter curtains in top track and feed in. Wheels should be closest to wall with pins to the outside. Make sure the curtain that is marked left is on the left side and the curtain marked right is on the right side. Push both curtains away from the edge of the track.
  5. Attach only one of the vertical side angles with 2 1/4″ tapcons and make sure it is plumb. Position side angle right up against the top track with the smaller leg facing in towards the opening.
  6. Attach bottom track with 2 1/4″ tapcons. Make sure the bushings in the back of the accordion are inserted in the groove of the bottom track.
  7. Attach the other vertical side angle with 2 1/4″ tapcons provided.
  8. Attach starter strips of the accordions to the side angles with tech screws, usually #10 x 3/4″ self drilling screws provided.
  9. Pull both sides of accordion together and make sure it closes properly and locks.
  10. Wipe down your accordion shutter and caulk the tracks and side angles.

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Orlando Customer

Shutters were finished and installed in less than 3 weeks. Installation crew were very friendly and very professional. Will HIGHLY recommend them.

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